Kraft Battery (6).png


Kraft Battery (6).png


25.6V LiFePO4 220Ah 5.6kWh Battery Module

  • 4 series and 2 parallel cell connection enables the user to cater for both 24V and 48V  systems that will be scale-able in 48V packs up to 500kWh

  • International testing through ICE and TUV ensure the highest safety standard known in the industry

  • Each battery cell and battery module is tested in both the exporting factory and importing warehouse to ensure minimal failure rate

  • These tests include altitude simulation, thermal and vibration test, external short circuit, impact and crush test, over charge and forced discharge.

  • Undergone further testing; UN,ST,SG,AC,10/11,REV6

  • Advanced high energy with a built in BMS (Battery Management System) per module


  • Can withstand extreme temperatures up to 90 Degrees Celsius

  • Low degradation at high discharge current

  • Extended life-cycles of up to 7000 cycles @ 100% D.O.D

  • Tested internationally

  • 10 Year performance warranty

  • Upgrade-able BMS

  • Built in events recorder

  • South African supported product

  • Battery voltage display

  • Manual battery contact

  • Internationally warranted by DC Rebel